PB: Secret Transcript Revealed!

by SDM

SDM got hold of another super secret transcript of a telephone call from a week or so ago. For your eyes only:

Williams: Bad news Madame Mayor, everyone is available for the January 22 special call meeting. You know that John is going to raise a stink about our rushing out these contracts without bidding them properly. Even Flinn is pointing out in his blog that we took those shortcuts.

Stanczyk: Don’t listen to that blowhard…nobody reads his blog or that other pile of crap SDM either.

Williams: Well, forget the blogs. We can’t bring these items up to the council on the 22nd because I will get crucified. I’m already nervous about these three guys…Schaffer tried to run me over in his fire truck the other day.

Stanczyk: Ron, you worry too much. Look, I have to get this money flowing to the Triangle or I can’t go home again…you getting me? Plus, a couple of my supporters are buying property downtown based on this money flowing into the area. We have to get this done. Don’t give me problems, give me solutions.

Williams: (Grumbling) I have a solution you pain in the…

Stanczyk: What?!? I missed that last part.

Williams: Nothing, my cell is running out of battery. My suggested solution is that we cancel the meeting so you can go out and convince the village that we need to spend this money now. We really need your leadership.

Stanczyk: That’s your solution?!? You know Ron, you are the manager here and this project was your brainchild – or at least it came from your administration. Now we have some very important people – at least one of which is very near me, at all times, capiche? – who are expecting action not leadership. Maybe I’ll exert some “leadership” at your next contract review.

Williams: Okay, okay, I get it…no need to get nasty. (Pause) I did hear one thing but it may look a little fishy.

Stanczyk: Everyone knows I have no problem with fishy. What is it?

Williams: Well, the Marathon Man and Dubois both said they couldn’t do the special call under any circumstances if we held the meeting on Thursday,  Jan. 23. Both have prior business appointments.

Stanczyk: Are you recommending we change the meeting from the 22nd to the 23rd so that we can control the votes on that night?

Williams: I am recommending no such thing.

(Long pause)

Williams continued: Besides, moving the meeting might not work if Fiore either didn’t show up or left before we could hold a vote. The blogs would love that.

Stanczyk: Like I told you, nobody reads that crap. Look, I have to get back to the Garden Club. The old bitties are devouring the cucumber sandwiches like they missed their Alpo last night! What’s Meighan’s extension again?


SDM can’t vouch for the precise accuracy of this transcript but we’re pretty sure it tells it like it is. :)

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