PB: Three For The Show

by SDM

As SDM expected, only three of the village council attended last week’s special call meeting to adopt the initial projects for the downtown redevelopment project. SDM hasn’t watched the entire video yet – can you blame us? – so we don’t know how Mr. Fiore voted.

We hear talk that he voted no, but immediately told his followers that by attending the meeting he didn’t allow the project to get sidetracked. If so, Mr. Fiore will have officially joined the political rank and file – rank being the operative word. We’ll get back to you on this profile in courage once we know for sure what happened.

The reason we stopped watching was – well – the mayor hurt our delicate feelings. You see, local activist Stanley Kowlessar rose at the start of the meeting during public comments and referenced your humble bloggers. He said he had read about the potential absences of two members – Dubois and Schaffer – on this very site. He wanted to come to the council to tell them to defer action until a later date when the two absentees could make it.

You know what happened next? This blog’s beloved  mayor said she didn’t think “the anonymous blog” (meaning SDM) supported the village!

Yes, you read that correctly. Mayor Stanczyk has conflated herself with the Village of Palmetto Bay. Egomania is alive and kicking in our little burgh.

Of course we support the village – if such a thing really matters. What we don’t support is this current mayor. We don’t agree with ramming “economic development” spending down our throats when – conveniently – the council’s most vocal critic is home recovering from surgery.

You read that right, too. Mayoral candidate David Zisman – a Dubois confidante – explained that the reason the Vice Mayor couldn’t come to the meeting was that he was at home recuperating and was “in great pain.”

The Marathon Man’s excuse for not attending was a little flimsier – it was his mother’s birthday. Then again, we here at SDM have lost a couple mothers and you really can’t make up those opportunities once they’re no longer around. We certainly don’t begrudge a person for choosing his family over attending a totally unnecessary meeting.

But let’s get back to the mayor’s slap at your servants here. SDM supports the village by paying lots of taxes and some of us were involved in creating this village long before her highness showed up. Because we are invested financially and by deeds,  that means we don’t gag ourselves when we see somebody running the village into the ground.

The fact is that the decisions made on January 23rd were important and deserved to be vetted fully. SDM would go further to say that the mayor missed an opportunity to put her political opposition on the spot. Neither Mr. Dubois nor Mr. Schaffer has to defend their votes on the downtown spending now. Your constituents cannot hold them accountable, Mme. Mayor because you let them off the hook.

Are you following us?

SDM Says: When SDM engages in the contact sport of politics, we seek to serve Palmetto Bay…not its politicians.

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