PB: Are you offended if I ask a couple questions?

by SDM

Eye on Miami: FPL is manipulating you!

A political committee led by former Village Councilman Paul Neidhart apparently committed a major faux pas by – gasp – asking a few questions to residents!

Seriously, you can go over to Eye on Miami to see the raging against the machine. One EoM author lives in Palmetto Bay and is clearly a person who takes offense at just about everything.

In addition to some very neutral questions about village politics, including whether the Mayor and Council are doing a good job, Mr. Neidhart had the gross temerity to ask about what should be done with the FPL property. How dare you!

SDM wasn’t offended. In fact, taking the pulse of voters makes lots of sense since at least part of a politician’s job is to act on behalf of those voters.

SDM was a little shocked, however, that one of the survey’s options for FPL’s land – which is for sale and won’t be FPL property much longer – is that the village would spend $40 million to buy it. Please tell us that spending such a monstrous sum is not under serious consideration.

SDM Says: FPL is selling the property and have not asked to rezone it. So why is EoM all wound up about FPL? The answer is that EoM never met a left wing cause they didn’t like. FPL is a corporation and is evil – or so goes their mantra. But this time, the professional offense-takers over at EoM barely make sense with their post. FPL won’t be building anything on that site so they have no incentive to get involved in Palmetto Bay’s funky politics, at least as far as this property is concerned.

CCOCI is still trying to bully Palmer

An FOSDM sent us a copy of this email, which one man private school wrecking crew Gary Pastorella sent to the Chairman of Palmer’s board of directors. SDM guesses Palmer has had enough of Mr. Pastorella’s bullying and wisely are ignoring him.

Mr. Baiamonte,

Thank you for hosting the community meeting this past Tuesday, February 4th, 2014. The October 2013 meeting and this one can be the beginning of a positive relationship between Palmer Trinity School (PTS) and the community. I was disappointed to hear you state that you are now ready to present your plan to the Village. As I recall, you, Mr. Price, and Mr. Cleary pledged at the September 9, 2013 Council meeting to meet with all interested parties.

At that same council meeting you stated the following:

“The school will in fact contact the interested parties that have comments, questions and issues with these matters and we will work together to craft the development agreement so that when it comes back in front of this Council we have an agreement that is defensible number one and two is representative of the community. That means listening to residents, that means engaging in discussions with residents and something that has been long been missing from the school standpoint and that is working with residents.”

On October 15th, 2013, I sent an email to you, Mr. Reid, and Ms. Calleja requesting a meeting and providing my telephone number as well as my email address. I received NO response. CCOCI and I are interested parties, and we would still like to discuss our concerns with you.

You have now held two community meetings. The first was to hear some of the residents’ concerns, issues, ideas, complaints, and questions. This meeting was not recorded, residents’ inputs were not transcribed on a blackboard, no questions were answered as you were simply in a listening mode, and no summary of those concerns, issues and ideas were provided back to the community.

After four months without any additional community meetings, you held the February 4th, 2014 community meeting which you made a presentation of your plan to the community. No handout was provided before or during the meeting, so that residents could study the material and respond. You also stated that you would not provide a copy of the presentation. You did not have answers to most of the questions posed. The meeting was ended somewhat abruptly, despite the fact that several residents still had their hands raised.

At the end of the meeting you stated that you were now going to take your plan to the Village Council as soon as possible, seemingly without any additional input from the community.

I don’t think that at any of these two meeting that PTS and the residents “worked together to craft a development agreement” or that your presentation of you development plan is defensible and representative of the community.”

We again request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss these issues and we want to “work together to craft the development agreement” that is truly “an agreement that is defensible and representative of the community.”

Please call me at 305-992-1170 or email me at CCOCIBoard@bellsouth.net to arrange a meeting.


Gary Pastorella, President,

Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, Inc. (CCOCI)


SDM Says: Listen Gary, Palmer is a property owner with rights. They are under no requirement to satisfy you. You do not represent the community any more than SDM does. You represent your own interests, which have been clear from the moment you sued them. Palmer’s board members have to do – they are fiduciaries and must do – what is in  the best interest of the school. They should do as much as they can to be good neighbors going forward, but that does not mean the school should capitulate to a group that will never be satisfied.

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