PB: Is Zisman A Serious Candidate?

by SDM

Campaign reports probably would bore 90% of people to death, but SDM finds them to be chock full of insights about candidates.

Take Karyn Cunningham’s reports for example. Over three reporting periods, Ms. Cunningham’s campaign for village council district 1 show that she has raised nearly $15,000 and spent almost nothing. [Interesting contributor: David Singer, who often graces these pages with his commentary.]

The other interesting point about Ms. Cunningham’s reports is that they are neatly drafted and properly reflect the state of her campaign.  You can review the reports on the Clerk’s Election 2014 page.

Now, contrast Ms. Cunningham’s reporting to that of her opponent, David Zisman.

The first report he filed (M11)  seems to follow the process pretty well. In it he types in that he received $7,225 in checks and a candidate loan of $10,000. [Singer donated here, too. Playing both sides of the fence, are we?] SDM added up the contributions and the $7,225 number seems right.

But then, Zisman handwrites, in what looks to be crayon, “$1725.00″ under Total Monetary and “$350″ under In-kind. There are no matching entries in the contribution or expenditure pages attached to the report showing any In-kind donations at all. SDM has no idea where the $1725 figure came from. Maybe it should be $17,225, which is the sum of the loan and the contributions?

Zisman’s “M12″ report makes even less sense than the previous one. In it he claims to receive a contribution of $200, meaning his total contributions should be $17,425. Instead, he lists total contributions of either $475.25 or $175.25, depending on how one reads his chicken scratch. [Singer claims to be an accountant…maybe he could help a brother out?]

In the most recent “M1″ report, Zisman reports no activity. [Maybe he gave up? :) ]

So the question becomes, how much cash does Mr. Zisman have on hand? It should be just over $17,000, but we can’t be sure. Isn’t reporting important to you, Mr. Zisman?

Apparently not. Mr. Zisman’s reports indicate a complete lack of seriousness regarding the statutory requirement of properly reporting campaign income and expenditures.

SDM Wonders: If elected, will Mr. Zisman be as cavalier with village responsibilities as he is with campaign responsibilities?

SDM Says: Let’s not find out.

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