PB: Quick Bites – Downtown Experience Edition

by SDM

But First, A Word from the Mayor

The village council finally got around to identifying a new village attorney. The Miami Herald reported that former State Senator and District Attorney Dexter Lehtinen received a unanimous vote of the council. Lehtinen is widely regarded as a brilliant lawyer while also being husband to the very important Congresswoman Ilean Ros-Lehtinen. SDM expects Mr. Lehtinen to be a fine choice and a bulldog for Palmetto Bay.

The best part of the story is Mme. Mayor Stanczyk’s quote on the Lehtinen selection:

I’m excited because Dexter Lehtinen has a very broad, a very deep breadth of experience to share with us.

That’s right, Mr. Lehtinen’s experience is both very broad and exhibits a very deep breadth.


SDM Says: This is your spokesperson Village People. Feel the pride!

A Glimpse into the Future of your Village

Next Friday night (March 14th), you can have your mind boggled by village staff as they present “the Downtown Experience” from 6:30 to 9:30 pm where you will receive “complimentary foods” and musical entertainment!

Now lest you think this is just another taxpayer supported happy hour for Palmetto Bay’s resident sycophants, there is a method to this madness.  The village wants to reach out, so what better way to bring in those of us who remain skeptical about the downtown plans than to host a meeting on a Friday night?

SDM Says: If village staff and leadership were serious about redeveloping downtown Palmetto Bay, they would be concentrating on luring investors, rather than trying to convince taxpayers to let them tap village reserves. The future of the village is looking more and more like a glimpse into destitution.

Stanczyk’s Legislative Victory Spawns a New Idea

As we reported last week, Mayor Stanczyk proposed a resolution supporting a delay in the implementation of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.

And, voila!, Congress acted to delay the legislation yesterday!

When Mme. Mayor heard of her resounding victory, she decided to introduce another resolution asking Congress to endorse motherhood and apple pie.


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