Come to Downtown Palmetto Bay! And Get Slandered!

by SDM

SDM apologizes for being out-of-touch for a while. Blogging is a tough task master and we have been tied up living our lives.

Okay, enough of that…you get what you pay for here at SDM.

So last Monday night, your widely heralded village council took up the question of whether to permit Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC to build a charter public school on five acres in the Franjo Triangle area.

You may recall that Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC sued the village when a few years ago the village council illegally decided to shoot down their charter school application. Well, subsequently, the parties got together and settled the lawsuit. The settlement forced Palmetto Bay to follow both its own code and state law in exchange for Shores dropping its claims.

On Monday, the village council eventually voted to allow Shores to build its school along with some retail and residential units. Village staff noted in their report that the retail and the residential were both allowed by code without a hearing but that the school required a vote of council. Staff also stated in their report that the school met all the standards required for charter schools.

And Mayor Stanczyk, that well-known supporter of new development in downtown Palmetto Bay, jumped right on board and supported the new school. Errr…NOT!

animalhouse347 - CopyBut Nooooooooooooo!

Madame Hypocrisy was her old self and voted no while all the while torturing the property owner. And we all understand why, right? All of three (yes, count them three!) residents rose in opposition to the plan according to the story in the Miami Herald.

Yes, downtown redevelopment is a big, big priority for this village and its leaders. Didn’t they tell us that getting more people to live, work and play downtown was so important that taxpayers had to finance a Downtown Redevelopment Task Force with the Mayor’s husband on it?

Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC purchased the land in the downtown area in 2005, meaning they have been waiting to put into productive use for NINE years! Imagine what sitting on property for that long does to your IRR.

Yep, come to Palmetto Bay so we can drag you through the mud, into court and through the fish wrapper! Invest your millions here and get this kind of quote for your project:

“One of the biggest problems we see in this community is traffic, and schools bring traffic during critical hours of commuting traffic,” [Mayor Shelley] Stanczyk said. “The law has basically taken away my ability to control the impact that an institution like that has on the community.”

Does Mme. Mayor even give a tiny consideration to her illogic? “Schools bring traffic.” Yes they do. Who are these nameless people ruining our way of life? Well, it’s probably little Susie and her Dad who might have changed from a traditional public school. Or, it may be little Juanito and his mother Ana who got sick of paying tuition at Palmer.

The fact is that the people in the Franjo area traffic may be alleviating traffic elsewhere in the village. Ever think about that Mrs. Mayor and Sidekick Stanczyk? And didn’t you just hire some geniuses to fix the traffic pattern in the Triangle? If Palmetto Bay can’t handle a little more traffic on Franjo, then the DRTF ought to disband right after the next cocktail party.

And what does it tell you when only three or four people show up at the hearing? It says that only the hard core haters really care about this project.

SDM Says: Palmetto Bay has developed a well-worn and well-deserved reputation as the land of Lilliputian Leadership. Is it election day yet?

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