PB: What’s the deal Palmetto Bay News?

by SDM

SDM is a loyal reader of Community Newspapers’ Palmetto Bay News – even though they never put any of them at the new Publix next to Home Depot. PBN was instrumental in keeping the future Village People up to date on the progress of the incorporation project.

Given the paper’s stellar history, SDM was left scratching our collective noggins by this story, which was also rebroadcast via email:

Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk received the prestigious William Lyman Phillips Award on Apr. 4 from the Miami- Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department in a ceremony conducted at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden during the Great Park Summit-2014.

The award is presented “for excellence in park, recreation and conservation open space planning and design in Miami-Dade County.” 

Now isn’t that nice? Our peripatetic mayor received an award for the parks we pay for! But something struck SDM while reading this little puff piece: why would the county give an award to an individual mayor and neglect the rest of the council? Well, as it turns out the county didn’t. Here is the news as reported by Kaptain Kreepy on the Palmetto Bay website:

PALMETTO BAY, FL, April 4, 2014 — On behalf of the Village of Palmetto Bay, Mayor Shelley Stanczyk (photo right) recently received the prestigious “William Lyman Phillips Award” at the Great Park Summit-2014. The award is presented annually by Miami-Dade County for excellence in park, recreation, and conservation and design. (Emphasis added by SDM.)

At least KK knows not to piss off the rest of the council and those forsaken fools, the taxpayers.

SDM Wonders: Has Mayor Stanczyk asked for a correction from PBN? She wouldn’t let such an oversight stand now would she?

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