PB: Hysterical and Condescending…and more on lighting.

by SDM

SDM finished watching the painful Monday village council meeting. Our local government is shifting into gear for the election, no doubt about it.

Before we get to the hysterical Mayor and the Condescending Councilwoman, let SDM weigh in on this lighting issue once more. We’ve given the matter some additional thought since our post yesterday.

First, understand that in 2012, Councilwoman Lindsay led the redrafting of the village code to single out schools and churches and other non-public places of assembly…this is just a fact and the code proves it.

As we noted yesterday and have pointed out repeatedly since 2012, Palmetto Bay’s code treats the certain activities at private schools and churches differently than it does the same activities held at public parks and schools. Doing so is discrimination and Councilwoman Lindsay believes she is in the right when she drafted the code this way.

Second, the village code prohibits absolutely any lighting on athletic or recreation fields at private schools and churches. The code also regulates lighting everywhere it is permitted in the village, and SDM believes this regulation is relatively strict as compared to the county, for example.

So, when Mrs. Lindsay – again, the author of these code provisions – says that merely allowing a private school or church to have any lighting whatsoever would result in “stadium lighting,” then she is either lying or the village code she wrote permits stadium lighting. Which is it Mrs. Lindsay?

Third, the code provision that Mr. Schaffer wanted to change needs to be amended; it’s a mess and Mrs. Lindsay knows it. She railed against Mr. Schaffer’s proposal as if he wanted to amend the Ten Commandments! Shame on you, Mrs. Lindsay.

If you think SDM is being too hard on Councilwoman Lindsay, we dare you to tune in to the council meeting and fast forward to 4:08:10 where she begins her lecture with the condescending words: “There’s a real learning curve up here…”

SDM is as tired of listening and rebutting Mrs. Lindsay’s red herring arguments just as she is sick of defending her discriminatory legislation.

But let’s look at one recurring theme in her commentary: that Palmetto Bay is 92% residential; that we are a residential community. As SDM has said a hundred times, so what? The other 8% has no right to exist and prosper?

Look, we all understand that Mrs. Lindsay lives next door to Palmer and that she has made it her life’s mission to ensure that this private, religious school cannot give its children the same amenities that public school kids get.

In Mrs. Lindsay’s world, these rich kids don’t deserve to attend after-school events where lighting is required. They don’t deserve to have a chapel on the property. They shouldn’t have a jogging path, etc., etc.

We all get it Mrs. Lindsay and we understand you will stop at nothing and say anything to prevent Palmer from building its school on the 35 acres next to your house. Your interest in the “general welfare” of Palmetto Bay is obvious as you spend our tax dollars to protect your backyard.


Now, on to the hysteria of the night. You must go to 3:50:45 – 3:51;40 and watch your Mayor behave as if she were in a kindergarten classroom having a spat with the boy sitting next to her. She claims her opponent in the mayor’s race, Patrick Fiore, is threatening her “under his breath.”

If it weren’t so juvenile, it would be funny.

SDM Says: We can’t hear what Mr. Fiore allegedly said to Mme. Mayor Stanczyk, but the entire episode is just more evidence of a council that lacks civility and a steady hand at the tiller. You  don’t have to agree with SDM on other topics to agree with us that this Mayor is in way over her head.

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