PB: Budget Meeting Tonight

by SDM

4:oo pm Update: The village clerk created an agenda just after 3:00 pm this afternoon. Do they read SDM over at village hall?

There shall be an official agenda for every regular and special meeting of the council that shall determine the order of business to be conducted at the meeting.

-Sec. 2.47(a), Village of Palmetto Bay Code of Ordinances

You may be surprised to note that tonight the village council will hold its first budget workshop for the 2014-15 fiscal year. Why would you be surprised? Well, there is no agenda posted on the village website for the meeting despite the code requirement SDM inserted above. Nor are there any budget documents posted for the public to review, which is the real crime here.

SDM Note to Councilwoman Lindsay: Do you see that word “shall” up there? I guess there are lots of folks at the village who don’t know the difference between “shall” and “may.” It’s a good thing we have you to straighten us out.

Those of us who have watched the village can divine an agenda, however, so maybe Village Manager Hubris (VMH) doesn’t see the need to draft one. SDM has decided to take a crack at helping the village out.

  1. Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance (Mayor Stanczyk)
  2. Public Comment by Gary Pastorella (Discussion of Dubois v Pastorella lawsuit)
  3. Introduction to budgeting (Finance Department)
    • All is well, nothing to see here.
    • We get lots of awards.
    • We have lots of money in reserve.
    • Unless we spend money on the Downtown Redevelopment Task Force, we’re going broke in 5 years.
    • Global warming.
  4. Questions from Council.
    • Vice Mayor Dubois: I have some issues with your numbers. VMH: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
    • Councilwoman Lindsay: I just want to thank the Manager for an excellent budget.
    • Mayor Stancyzyk: Yeah.
  5. Adjourn to the Hole

SDM Says: Don’t look for much serious discussion at tonight’s meeting. You won’t hear that the village is plundering its reserves. Or that we’re not putting away money in case the Palmer case goes to hell. Or that Thalatta Estate Park’s revenue stream is likely to drop when wedding planners figure out they will be operating in a facility open to the public. Then again, you may not hear anything at all since nobody bothered to publish the mandatory agenda. You see, we only bother with “shall” when it suits CCOCI.

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