PB: Guest Post by David Singer: Robin says “haters gonna hate!”

by SDM

Tuesday night’s town hall meeting had the vigor of a rally where about two or three dozen local residents rallied in opposition to churches, schools, lights and traffic. It was like watching a room full of Donald Sterling’s yelling “not in my neighborhood”.

“Those lights, those lights, they shine through my window when they’re on at night!” Sorry, what normal household doesn’t see their neighbor’s lights when they are on? At times I have to close my blinds at night because my neighbor’s lights have a tendency to shine directly into my living room. Such is life when you live in a community with neighbors.

You want to complain about traffic, sell your car and take public transportation because you are part of the problem. If you don’t want to sell your car, stop the whining.

The issue isn’t actually about lights or traffic, it’s about hate. There are about 50 individuals who live in Palmetto Bay who just love to hate. They hate churches, they hate schools, they hate kids, they hate laughter and they hate traffic (well, who doesn’t?).

Two of those haters serve on the council and are up for reelection in November. Mention Palmer Trinity and you can feel the hate leaching through their pores. I actually believe “the hate” is probably the only thing keeping those two individuals alive.

Guess what, with the help of a councilwoman’s spouse they have now started conspiring how to take additional rights away from churches and schools because, as they repeat over and over again, they don’t pay into the tax base. Councilwoman Joan Lindsay has said herself that those institutions don’t contribute to the community and she’s here to protect everyone’s quality of life.

Not to disagree with the Councilwoman but there is more to contributing to a community than paying Real Estate taxes. Churches and schools serve a very important part in the foundation of society and the definition of quality of life is subjective. Can you imagine some people actually can appreciate churches and schools and hearing children’s laugher?

Jerry Templer (husband of Councilwoman Joan Lindsey) has now proposed placing a Village Amendment on the November ballot which would prevent any lighting associated with outdoor activities at all churches and schools even though lighting is permitted at Village Parks and residential homes. Doesn’t Mr. Templer’s proposal smack of discrimination?

Mr. Templer’s explanation for the discrimination is that Village Parks are open to the general public and churches are exclusionary. I may be incorrect but I didn’t realize churches were in the business to turn away parishioners.

Churches and schools are our neighbors that need protection as much as any individual resident. Whether Joan Lindsay or Shelly Stanczyk care to admit it, they also contribute to our Village in a meaningful way. The services they provide are vital to a healthy, prosperous community.

Our three remaining councilmembers, John Dubois, Tim Schaffer, and Patrick Fiore along with the remaining Village residents need to stand up and work together against these narcissistic individuals who stand against fair treatment of these institutions. Surely as a community we are better than the narrow-mindedness of the vocal few who seem to make the most noise to protect their own interests while robbing others of their rights.

David Singer

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