PB Quick Bites Election Update: Bitch and You Shall Receive

by SDM

SDM was feeling cranky yesterday so we took the village clerk to task for failing to post the most recent campaign reports for village offices. About an hour after we posted…voila!…the May 12 reports were up and available for review. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

And without further ado…SDM’s quick update of financial position along with a bonus, insightful comment:

Mayor’ Race

Peter England – Cash on hand: $9000±

England’s donors look to come almost exclusively from Palmetto Bay with contributions in relatively small increments. Looks like England is serious and has some real support this time.

Patrick Fiore – Cash on hand: Less than $2,000

Fiore looks to be treading water. His support is paper thin and he’s looking less and less serious every day. Maybe a move back to his council seat is in the offing?

Eugene Flinn – Cash on hand: $8,800±

Flinn put $10,000 of his own money down. Doesn’t look like he’s started campaigning yet. Name identification is his hole card.

Shelley Stanczyk – Cash on hand: No change from last period – Less than $1,000

SDM is shocked. Even given her weird behavior, we figured the CCOCI loons would be financing their favorite daughter. Instead, she filed a “waiver,” meaning she hasn’t raised a single dollar for her campaign! (Her money all came from a personal loan.) SDM Says: The Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, and Godzilla are movies that will turn out better than the Stanczyk re-election epic (fail).


Council District 1

Karyn Cunningham – Cash on hand: Just under $24,000

She is just cruising along. Consistency defined.

David Zisman – Cash on hand: Just under $21,000

After an eruption of fundraising last period and two full disclosures without amendment, Zisman looks to have lost a little steam. Doggone it! Happily, SDM believes he is the only candidate that can boast a $1,000 contribution from a Homestead musician!

Council District 3

Nothing to report other than there is only one announced candidate: James Archie Shedd. The incumbent, Joan Lindsay, has yet to file for re-election. Pssst Peter: Look at this situation! It’s just itching for an injection of seriousness.

SDM Says: The big story here is that the incumbent mayor cannot muster any support whatsoever, with Fiore’s impotence right behind. SDM is sure Lindsay will run…but then again, are we?


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