PB: Crackpot Crazies of Cutler Ink

by SDM

For some unknowable reason, certain FOSDMs think it’s funny to send us the CCOCI emails. Two arrived over the weekend; the first filled with the usual junk, but the second overflowing with venom directed at occasional SDM contributor David Singer titled “David Singer’s despicable Open Letter (email) to Councilman Patrick Fiore.”

Read what those lovely personages had to say about the Boy Wonder:

We find it despicable and shameful that David Singer injects religion into what is clearly a zoning matter regarding stadium lights in residential neighborhoods. We don’t think our elected representatives should make decisions based on their religious beliefs. Mr. Singer owes a big apology to Patrick Fiore and all the residents of Palmetto Bay.

First off, are we the only ones who think it’s hilariously ironic that CCOCI is sending out emails to defend Patrick Fiore? Holy Toledo! And the lion shall lie down with the lambs…or something.

Secondly, David Singer injected religion into a zoning matter???? Okay, we know the cocktails flow on Fridays at Crackpot Crazies’ happy hour, but have any of you read either the village code or Mayor Stanczyk’s proposed charter amendment? Here is Stanczyk’s language, which closely tracks the current code:

Lighting shall not be installed or used for outdoor recreational areas, except for underwater swinlming pool lighting, by religious facilities, private schools, child care facilities or other non-governmental public assembly uses in any single-family residential zoning district. (Emphasis added by SDM.)

We understand that CCOCI sends emails out to any poor bastard who signed up for the village’s e-currents and that they are shameless in their willingness to mislead the public, but this is Orwellian.

Later in the email, CCOCI drags out the canard about “stadium lighting” as if the Dolphins will be playing somewhere in Palmetto Bay.

Recently over 500 residents sent emails to the Village Council and staff requesting no stadium style lights in residential neighborhoods as proof of their desires. Singer’s open letter to Patrick Fiore sought to make a zoning issue about lights into a case of religious discrimination. All the while Singer is attempting to disguise the real issue of outside interests and developers working against the residents’ quality of life, the quiet enjoyment of our homes, and our peaceful residential bedroom community.

CCOCI conveniently – rather, intentionally – misstates the code provisions that Councilwoman Lindsay wisely added that limit the ambient light permitted anywhere in the village. Desperation forces people to lie through their teeth, apparently. And seriously, how do we permit CCOCI to compare private schools and churches with “developers working against the residents’ quality of life” blah, blah, blah? Last time I checked, all those folks attending religious services on the weekends seem to think they are improving the quality of their lives.

The rest of the email is repetitive and dull until “the Stanczyk paragraph” appears:

Stanczyk, Lindsay and other council members are routinely invited to church and school functions. Usually only Stanczyk, Lindsay and Fiore attend. Mayor Stanczyk started the School Compact Advisory Board to support our local schools. Mayor Stanczyk and Councilwoman Lindsay have supported countless church, private school and public school functions through their participation. Mayor Stanczyk is a product of faith based education and taught and volunteered in private and public schools for 12 years and Councilwoman Lindsay taught in public schools for 30 years.

Sounds like the back of a Stanczyk for Mayor mailer. Her defense appears to be that she and Mrs. Lindsay have attended lots of religious events so their motives can’t be questioned when they can’t be single out churches and religious schools for special regulations. “Hey, some of my best friends go to church!”

Fact 1: As we have written here several times, Mrs. Stanczyk’s School Compact Advisory Board specifically excludes both charter public schools and all private schools. When Mme. Mayor claims to “support our local schools” she doesn’t mean ALL of our local schools – just the ones that are clamped on the public teat.

Fact 2: Mrs. Stanczyk – really Mrs. Lindsay – wrote the code provisions with the clear intention of treating religious facilities differently. Their stated purpose is to prevent private gathering places from having the amenities granted to public amenities regardless of the use involved. Only government-sanctioned events will be permitted after dark in Palmetto Bay. Thanks to these two we are re-living the dark ages.

Fact 3: CCOCI started its reign of terror because they – especially their leader Gary Pastorella – opposed Old Cutler Presbyterian Church’s plans to expand on a lot they own across from the main church buildings. Zoning exists to protect all property owners, not just homeowners, because the government recognizes that we as a society need places of worship just as we need ranch-style homes.

SDM Says: People constantly comment on this site asking us why we publish anonymously. Well, take a gander at what the power brokers in this village will do when a resident steps out into the sunlight and speaks his mind. They will drag his employer’s name through the mud without giving the consequences a second thought. That the Mayor of this village and Councilwoman Lindsay condone CCOCI’s behavior speaks volumes about their personal morality and ethics. Prove us wrong ladies.

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