PB: Have you seen the rest of this man?

by SDM

SDM received a funny rumor via the FOSDM network. Apparently, a female candidate for mayor was running around town claiming that one of her opponents had a life-threatening illness. The evidence for this bizarre claim can be seen in this photograph:


The guy in the hat is former Mayor Eugene Flinn, some 40+ pounds lighter (maybe more) after what appears to be a serious diet.

SDM’s sources tell us that, in fact, Mr. Flinn is in excellent health but has obviously decided to clean up his act as far as the extra weight he’s been lugging around.

SDM Says: Bravo Mr. Flinn. SDM remembers fondly those early days when calm seemed to prevail in our little burgh. Under the gentle steerage by yourself, Paul Neidhart, Linda Robinson, John Breder and Dr. Ed Feller, Palmetto Bay made great strides at keeping itself a lean. It’s good to see your commitment to being “lean” applies to more than just Palmetto Bay’s budget. :)

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