“Republicans need to reach out to”

by SDM

If you Google the title of this post exactly as we wrote it, meaning in quotation marks, you will get something like 197,000 hits. It’s a popular topic.

SDM decided to Google the phrase after listening to the umpteenth political commentator suggest that “Republicans need to reach out to”: insert your favorite sub-group of Americans. You know the list so we aren’t going to go over it here.

SDM is sick of hearing this mantra, particularly because it is dead wrong.

A political party ought to be a big tent – meaning everyone is invited to participate – but those expressing an affinity for the party ought to base that decision on philosophy, rather than whether one is a union members, a Northerner, or person of a particular ethnicity.

And, we as voters and party participants, should punish those elected and non-elected officials who want to frame a political organization by sect. We’re all Americans.

So here is SDM’s response – usually shouted at the radio – to the phrase “Republicans need to reach out to”: like-minded people. When we say like-minded, we don’t mean sycophants or lackeys and we don’t mean exactly-the-same-minded.

Thank you for letting us vent.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Anyone want to comment on the candidates’ forum?

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