PB: One Week to Go – Time for a Reverse Snoopy

SDM spent a little time away from computers and televisions over the weekend – wow, it’s hard to remember that once upon a time none of this stuff existed. But, the modern world relentlessly calls us back to reality, which means…we still have an election to decide!

Seriously, can’t we get this set up so when the election cycle is over, it’s over in Palmetto Bay, too? SDM will file this idea away for another day.

“Every now and then I feel that my existence is justified!” – Snoopy, after returning the blue security blanket to Linus Van Pelt.

SDM couldn’t help but notice Mayor Shelley Stanczyk appeared in picture after picture on election day. Her emails dropped regularly – unrequested – into thousands of mailboxes all over the village. One key message: Vote for Brian.

Thus, SDM can safely conclude that she is – to use a phrase in the news – “all in” for her Vice Mayor, which begs the question, why? What is it about Mr. Pariser that got Her Honor out to the polls to cajole and torment voters day after day?

Clearly, Pariser votes with the Mayor on every bad idea she conceives. (More on this in a moment…)

But is there something more about Mr. Pariser that makes the Mayor work so hard for him? Two possible answers:

  • It’s no secret that Mayor Stanczyk desperately wants another term. She will need Pariser’s help if she runs and, perhaps more importantly, his commitment not to run against her. SDM likes this answer, but it’s not the strongest one.
  • SDM watches just about all of the village council meetings. The dynamic is very interesting. The Mayor talks a lot, but she is never fully sure of what she is saying – or doing, for that matter. At almost every meeting, the Mayor will look to Pariser to help her shape her scattered thoughts into a modicum of coherence. Sometimes he will come to her rescue by asking a few questions that clarify the Mayor’s muddy concept. Pariser is Stanczyk’s blue security blanket.

Like Linus’s reliable touchstone (you never saw the blue blanket object to waiting all night for the Great Pumpkin to arrive), Mr. Pariser doesn’t push back against the Mayor and her expensive and illegal ideas.

For example, Mr. Pariser voted for the disastrous and punitive motion that started the Palmer Trinity lawsuit. He voted to waste tax dollars on an extra police officer even though the police chief didn’t ask for it. And, he joined in Shelley’s callous denial of the family with the handicapped child.

In each of these instances, Mr. Pariser’s used his legal training and demeanor to support the Mayor’s bad ideas even though he knew they crossed the line of legality and common sense. A security blanket is there for support and Pariser is nothing if not blindly supportive.

And Stanczyk, like Linus will go to any length for her blanket.

SDM Says: In a week, we will see if Palmetto Bay voters will do a reverse Snoopy on the Mayor.